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Give us a call 901-574-09780, every sale starts with us coming to your home for a free consultation. We take an inventory of the items you want to sell and assess the feasibility of a sale. If we don’t feel you have enough content to produce the financial results you want, we will let you know. This is rare, but it happens. After determining a sale is viable, we explain our services and commission structure; have you review the contract; then set a date for the sale.


It’s important that you get full value for the merchandise you’re selling. It would be easy to sell something by putting a below-market price on it, but that’s not our style. We are expert appraisers with years of experience pricing household goods, antiques, collectibles, china, glassware, furniture, jewelry, and clothing.  If we are uncertain of the pricing we will research the item to get the highest amount possible.  Remember, our fee is commission-based. We target for a sell-out every time! 


Staging is an ongoing process. It starts with organizing, cleaning and dusting most of the items in the sale, from china and jewelry to furniture and collectibles. Some items, such as garden tools, may be sold “as is.” Then we organize the items according to category and display them in an attractive way. While many items are fine in their natural setting, we also use shelves, tables, and display units as needed, making sure that everything is well lit. We pride ourselves on being experts at staging and that includes adjusting and rearranging as possessions sell. No matter how many or how few items are left, we make sure that every person who attends your sale enters and leaves with a positive impression.


American Artifact Estate Sale Service signs are strategically located for visibility in the ground in the streets surrounding the sale throughout the duration of your sale. We promote your sale on EstateSales.NET, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media outlets.


Sales typically operate from 9 am - 5 pm, Friday - Sunday. Sale duration will be discussed during the initial consultation. Cash, credit cards, checks, Venmo, Zelle and others will be accepted.

All customers will be informed of all sales procedures and policies while shopping, as well areas items are available.  All of your property will be monitored and safely secured by our staff during the sale as to prevent theft. Artifact Estate Sale Services staff will be easily recognizable by uniform  - making them identifiable by our customers.  Every team member has retail experience and knows that profitability is job number one in maximizing our clients' satisfaction.


At the conclusion of the sale, American Artifact Estate Sale Service will make sure all purchased items in the estate have been removed. A post-sale assessment and consultation is next, in order to determine what you would like to do with the remaining unsold property - i.e. designate items you’d like to keep, give away items to family and friends. 

American Artifact Estate Sale Service offers a clean-out service and house cleaning service. We will discuss this with the owner at the time of the initial contact as well as at the end of the sale.  The clean-out and cleaning services are additional costs to the owner. 


At the closing of an estate sale you can expect anywhere from 5% – 25% of your items to remain. With our expert clean-out service we empty the entire home. Although a full clean-out does require an extra cost to you, we pride ourselves on keeping that cost low.   Our goal during the clean out process is to recycle, re-use, and donate to organizations that benefit our community and residents.

After the Estate liquidation/sale is completed and the items are removed from the property we offer a through cleaning of the home leaving you with a home ready for the real estate market.

Our Estate Cleaning Process:


Wipe down all sills and shelves

Wipe down fridge/stove

Clean inside/out of Refrigerator-Stove-Microwave

Thoroughly clean bathrooms - including showers, toilets..etc

Vacuum all areas of property including garage

Sweep and mop flooring

Wipe down cupboards, countertops, and sinks

American Artifact Estate Sale Services will send a final check within 10 days of completion of the sale.

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