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Our estate sale services are available whether you are downsizing, relocating, or settling an estate of a loved one.  Our estate sale services offer different options for our clients looking to get the most value for their estate.

  • Estate Sale/Liquidation

When there is enough time and contents in the home to hold an estate sale/liquidation, our clients will hire us to hold an estate  liquidation/sale in order to achieve the most value through selling directly to the public and the thousands of collectors and buyers.

  • Estate Buyout

          An estate liquidation/sale is not always suitable for a clients’ needs.  When there is not enough to hold an estate sale, and our 

          clients want a quick exit with the most value, they choose to have an estate liquidation in the form of a buyout.  American

          Artifact Estate Sale Services will either purchase the entire contents or serve as a liaison by providing our client

          with buyers specially looking to purchase entire estates.

Our scheduling is flexible and our sales are completed efficiently and quickly. We handle all items with the utmost care and conduct all of our work with compassion and professionalism, making the estate sale process as easy on you as possible.

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